Here's what some clients have to say about Ed Geary:

"I am extremely happy with the way Ed Geary handled my boyfriend's criminal case. Initially, my boyfriend Darrell, had another lawyer who said he was a criminal attorney. That first lawyer wanted Darrell to accept a plea bargain offered by the assistant district attorney.... but we thought he would get a better outcome by going to trial. But this attorney told us he just DIDN' do trials. That's when we realized we didn't have the right attorney helping us.

So I called my cousin who had used a lawyer a few years ago. She said Ed Geary was exactly who we should call and, in fact, the only attorney we should call. We called Ed and went in for a free initial consultation. And I'm really glad we did! I could tell right away that he was a very experienced trial attorney who would know how to handle Darrell's case. What's more, he always kept us informed and patiently explained things every step of the way.

It turned out that Ed Geary saved Darrell from a hopeless situation and I know that would not have happened if Darrell had stayed with the first attorney. It really made a difference having a real professional trial attorney like Ed Geary handling Darrell's case.

But my praises don't end there. A short time after my boyfriends situation was taken care of, my brother got into a criminal jam and hired some other attorney to represent him. At a court hearing for my brother, that other attorney didn't even speak up and tell the judge he was there to represent my brother. So the judge thought my brother had jumped bond and ordered him back to jail.! That attorney acted like he could care less about what happened to my brother!! Then the original bondsman said they would not bond my brother out, and another bail bond company demanded $1,000 to $1,200 before they would bond him out.

At the next court hearing I tried to talk to the judge and the clerk about what had happened with the lawyer and about getting my brother out of jail, but they would not give me or my brother the time of day.--- Until I mentioned we were thinking of getting a different lawyer, and the Judge asked Who is it?. When I said it was Edmond Geary, she immediately started filling out the approval to allow my brother to get out of jail.

AND, he didn't even have to lose his bond. Instead of costing him $1,000 , he only had to pay $50 to reinstate the old bond and got out of jail within an hour.. The only requirement the Judge made was that we get Ed Geary to sign the form saying he was representing my brother. So, of course, after all that, my brother listened to me and decided he'd be a fool not to hire Ed Geary.

Not only does Ed know what he's doing in a criminal case, but he is obviously respected by the people at the courthouse. And, let me tell you, who your lawyer is CAN make a difference in how you're treated.

What I have learned from these 2 experiences is that if you just shop for the cheapest priced attorney, it can cost you more in the long run -- not just in worse results in your case, but in time and aggravation. In my view, picking an attorney who has been certified as a criminal trial attorney with proven experience and abilities, like Ed Geary, is the only way to go." ---- Lori Turner, Oklahoma City, OK


"From the start I felt confident I was choosing the right lawyer to handle my case. It sure an be intimidating trying to choose a respectable attorney from the myriad who claim to have your interests at heart.

First of all, Mr. Geary's free brochure was most informative. It even had his picture, which I personally felt added to my decision to visit him. He was easy to approach and found time to explain my options to me.

I truly believe his charges were fair; and what was really outstanding is that he never again asked for more money even though court dates were repeatedly rescheduled and he appeared each time for me.

I found out during the ordeals that he is highly respected by the local judges and other officers of law. I felt his demeanor was always professional amongst may representing attorneys who dressed and acted casually. Definitely would I recommend Mr. Geary to anyone seeking professional assistance in this dod-eat-dog society." - Jeff Longhibler


"I first became your client about 15 years ago. Over the years, time and time again you helped me with a number of different tough legal situations and every time I felt like you got me as good or better results than what I expected.

One time I used another lawyer to handle a case to save some money, but the guy didn't do as good a job as you would have. I ended up coming back to you because you take care of my legal problems better than anyone else does. I found out it doesn't make sense to get "cheap" legal help because you only get what you pay for and I didn't want to live with the results of using a cheap lawyer.

I've sent my friends who needed legal help to you and they've been happy. I plan to continue doing that and, of course, I wouldn't call anyone else when I have legal needs. Thanks for rescuing me from all the scrapes I've gotten in. I hate to think where I'd be now without your help." - Leon Tomlinson


Here's what other clients wrote, who didn't want their names listed. As you can imagine they didn't want others to know that they had been accused of a crime.

"I felt you would give 100% to get the best deal for me. You were able to convince the DA to let me do counseling while on probation and not have a record. I was able to go on with my life with no record." - Name withheld

"I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for everything you have done for me in my time of need. Words cannot express how grateful I truly am." -A grateful client


Below are some actual criminal cases:

Case No. 1 - Domestic Abuse

My client was charged with domestic abuse, but he suffered from bipolar syndrome. At the time of the incident, he did not know he was bipolar but waslater diagnosed as such. After presenting documentation from a medical doctor and the testimony of his girlfriend, the prosecution agreed to let him do community service and attend counseling.


Case No. 2 - Drugs

My client was arrested outside his car, in a coma, where a lot of cocaine was discovered. My client was charged with Trafficking drugs. A conviction on this charge permits no probation. My client and I discussed the facts of the case at length, and we considered the validity of the arrest, especially since the police claimed he had given permission for a search while paramedics attended him.

When we got to court, the District Attorney sought a heavy penalty. First, I ordered a test of the substance and showed its quantity was less than the quantity claimed by the District Attorney. This dropped the charge down from Trafficking.

Then, at the preliminary hearing, I was able to have my client held for trial on a still lesser charge of simple Possession, rather than Possession with Intent to Distribute the cocaine (which would have been the next step down from Trafficking.

Finally, I proved that what the District Attorney was claiming as a prior conviction (which greatly increased the punishment) was not a conviction at all. Thus, the penalty dropped from a maximum of life imprisonment to a maximum of 10 years, with a minimum of 2 years and the possibility of probation.

From there, we were able to ask the judge and succeeded in receiving community probation, with the guarantee that the prosecution would ask the Judge for no more than a nine-month drug treatment program.


Case No. 3-Intimidation of a Witness

My client was charged with Intimidation of a Witness. The witness was scheduled to testify against my client in a criminal prosecution. The police claimed tha, while the witness sat in the hallway of the courthouse right outside the District Attorney's office, my client approached the witness and made threats to her. That was the evidence at the preliminary hearing.

On cross-examination during the preliminary hearing, however, I got the witness to admit that those threats had nothing to deo with the witness's being a witness for prosecution, that the threats were directed against the witness simply because my client did not like the witness.

The judge dismissed the case on the spot for lack of evidence.


Case No 4 --- Driving under the Influence

My client was charged with DUI. When the police arrived, he was not in the car, but the police arrested him anyway. There was a question as to whether they could prove he was the driver, and that is the issue I put forth as my apparent defense. At a hearing, the police officer testified that a neighbor had seen my client get out of the car, but on the passenger side. But while the prosecution focused on proving that my client had been the driver, I proved that the incident did not occur on a public street, and thus got the case dismissed.

The prosecution must prove that the act of driving or being in actual physical control was on a public street. Here, the incident took place on the driveway of a planned community that had an entry gate, and the police officer testified he had to drive approximately mile from the gate to get to my client's car. The judge dismissed the case for lack of jurisdiction.


Case No 5 - 2nd Driving under the Influence

My client went out to a party, had a number of drinks and started to drive home. On the way home, he realized he shouldn't be driving so he pulled into a nearby parking lot, parked his car and fell asleep. The next thing he knew, someone was knocking on his car window, asking him to get out of the car. He learned he had chosen the parking lot of the Oklahoma City Police Department to sleep it off, the lot where the police officers park their personal cars when they report to go on duty.

The police arrested him for being in "Actual Physical Control" of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. This was not my client's first or even second arrest for driving with alcohol, but, after using some legal maneuvers, I was able to get my client probation. He was extrememly happy and relieved.

The above examples show how various complexities can have a big effect on the outcome of your criminal case, and that it's critical to have an experienced and talented lawyer who is not afraid of going to trial, if necessary, to defend your rights.

I also want to point out that this website is not meant to substitute as legal advice - you must still seek competent legal advice.

While your criminal matter will be unique and no lawyer can guarantee a specific outcome, it's important that you carefully choose the attorney who will defend you in this serious situation. This may be one of the most important decisions you make in your life - as you may be living with the results the rest of your life.


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